Sunday, November 9, 2014

giveaway // november contest [instagram]

how to enter

  1. make sure that you are following @crispybikinis on instagram
  2. tell all of your friends who don't already follow @crispybikinis on instagram to follow your favorite handmade, FUN, web-based swimwear company @crispybikinis (and is where they can get all those suits people drool over!)
  3. re-post the photo above on your instagram account with the mention @crispybikinis and hashtag #crispygiveaway
  4. the more of your homies that you get to follow @crispybikinis on instagram, the more of a chance you have to win! so make sure you tell each of them to comment on our post with your @[instagram name] to help us keep track.
  5. if @crispybikinis reaches 16k followers on instagram by November 30, 2014 11:59pm PST, one winner will win one 'SIXTY SIX' Suit (choose your color based on availability).
  6. all entries will be based on the following criteria: repost with mention @crispybikinis and hashtag #crispygiveaway (50%), you following @crispybikinis and number of referrals (50%)
prizes: one winner will win one 'SIXTY SIX' suit from our latest collection in the color/print of their choice (based on availability). winner will be notified via announcement on crispy bikinis Instagram, Blog, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

eligibility: open to U.S. residents only


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